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Assets Protection and Loss Prevention Jobs

With over 1,800 stores and nearly 375,000 team members globally, Target is one of the world's most recognized brands and one of America's top companies. But behind the Target our guests love, is a complex, multifaceted organization where a million different factors are at play - and where getting them right can be the difference between success and failure. That's where you come in. We're looking for experts in Assets Protection and Corporate Security, people who can identify, evaluate and mitigate risks to team members, stores, guests and physical assets. By minimizing losses and business disruptions, and providing safe and secure environments to our guests, you'll help enhance the profitability, guest experience and ultimately the reputation of one of the world’s leading retailers.
List of open positions in Assets Protection and Loss Prevention Jobs
Job Title Location Posting Date
Assets Protection Team LeaderNewington, CT11/25/2014
Target Protection SpecialistArden, NC11/25/2014
Target Protection SpecialistSterling Heights, MI11/25/2014
Target Protection SpecialistHammond, LA11/25/2014
Target Protection SpecialistTroy, MI11/25/2014
Target Protection SpecialistNorthridge, CA11/25/2014
Target Protection SpecialistConyers, GA11/25/2014
Target Protection SpecialistSan Francisco, CA11/25/2014
Target Protection SpecialistBaldwin Park, CA11/25/2014
Target Protection SpecialistLanesboro, MA11/25/2014
Target Protection SpecialistWaterbury, CT11/25/2014
Assets Protection SpecialistNewington, CT11/24/2014
Assets Protection SpecialistSterling, VA11/24/2014
Assets Protection SpecialistWestwood, MA11/24/2014
Target Protection SpecialistLivonia, MI11/24/2014
Target Protection SpecialistLongmont, CO11/24/2014
Target Protection SpecialistWestwood, MA11/24/2014
Executive Team Leader Assets Protection Bakersfield CABakersfield, CA11/24/2014
Executive Team Leader Assets Protection Fresno CAFresno, CA11/24/2014
Target Protection SpecialistLos Angeles, CA11/24/2014

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