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The Challenge  

Interested in software engineering, programming and development?  Looking for an opportunity to flex your technical/coding skills?  Here's your chance!

For this challenge, you may choose one of two options. Reminder: you may work individually or in a team of up to two (2).

Option 1

Interested in learning more about Cybersecurity? This one is for you! This option will provide you with hands-on experience to give you an idea what it’s like to be part of a Cyber Defense Team. Get ready to tackle Intel driven scenarios where you will understand the threat actor behind malicious behavior AND analyze the malware that the actor is deploying in their victim’s systems. It will be helpful to have a background in development, and an understanding of Python and cryptography. Bonus if you have some knowledge into malware analysis! If you don’t have a background in these, here’s your chance to dig in and learn! Are you up for this challenge?

Expected Deliverable(s): A malware report and a brief PowerPoint presentation summarizing your process and findings.

Option 2 

How can Target create meaningful value for its guests through their shopping experience that is consistent across channels? In other words, in what ways can Target win in the marketplace and continue to do so in the future? Think about how Target shows up in local communities – what do we do well, and what could we do differently? Your task is to first define a problem experienced by Target guests. Then, by leveraging your design and engineering skills - bring your solution to life! Develop/code a prototype of your proposed solution, in whatever language or framework best tells your story!

Expected Deliverable(s): A presentation that explains your product in whatever stage you can get it to by the deadline.  If you have time to code a prototype, amazing! Show us a demo in your presentation (via video, voiceover, or one-page or less summary).  Newer to coding and concerned about not getting all the way to the coding phase?  No problem! .  Instead, we would like to see any of the below to help demonstrate your work:  Mock-up, wireframing, photos, screenshots that would demonstrate how the app is supposed to work.  Walk us through how you would build this, architecture diagram, pseudocode sample.  You can also upload code to GitHub and provide a link for the team to view.  Make sure your presentation answers these questions:

  • Who is the product intended to help?
  • Why is it needed? 
  • What existing tech/resources are there in this area, or what’s the gap that your tech product will fill?
  • What kind of tech would we need to execute and build this out? What kind of code/framework would you use to create and test your prototype?


All case study materials needed to compete in both options will be emailed to the email address provided at the time registration.

Legal Disclaimer

By submitting your entry you are confirming that you have read and agree to the contest RULES. 

Participation in the HBCU Technology Challenge is entirely voluntary and does not create an employment relationship with Target. Individuals who do choose to participate will not be compensated for the time spent on their submission or for their submitted artwork. 

By participating in this Contest, Participants are confirming that you understand that submitted concepts may or may not be part of Target’s previous, current or future business endeavors. By uploading a submission you agree to give Target a royalty free, irrevocable, perpetual, non-exclusive, license for incidental use of your submission in any form, media or technology now known or later developed, only for historical, promotional or marketing purposes.