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continuous improvement

Target is moving quickly to ensure we are making effective and efficient decisions for our guests. In doing so, Target brought a few areas of our business together and formed what we call a continuous improvement team, which is transforming the way that Target is running its corporate business. There are currently two tracks within this team: Performance Acceleration and Operational Excellence.

  • performance acceleration

    The Performance Acceleration team helps drive the development and execution of enterprise programs supporting the successful Target enterprise strategy, business performance, and operational outcomes. Team members will identify, design and execute opportunities that address gaps in competencies and tactics to deploy consistent, systematic methodology to drive performance acceleration across the enterprise. This cross-functional team will enable business owners and the enterprise leadership team to successfully execute against Target’s business strategy and outcomes.

    performance acceleration:

    director performance acceleration

  • operational excellence

    The Operational Excellence team at Target works to redesign end-to-end processes and deployment of the lean system to macro processes or business areas such as Merchandising, Stores, Supply Chain, and Business Support. This team is responsible for creating an environment that promotes continuous improvement of business processes, increased analytical rigor, higher consistency, and standardization. That translates into reduced pain points and empowerment to team members who will enhance the value of the service they provide to Guests.

    operational excellence:

    director process engineering

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