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The Challenge 


Scenario: Bounce Back 2022: Care, Grow, Win Together 


Imagine this... 


After you graduated from your HBCU, you began your Executive Team Leader (ETL) role at your local Target store. After six years of growing your expertise, increasing your scope, and leading multiple teams within your location, you have been promoted. Congratulations! You are now a new Store Director (SD) and have just finished leading your team through its fourth quarter “Q4” (November 1st – January 31st) of Target’s fiscal 2021. Your store saw a year of record-breaking sales, increased guest traffic, and the team, although pumped, worked more hours than they did in 2020's fourth quarter, which is not ideal for some team members. Your team received bonuses for their exemplary dedication to the guests during the COVID-19 pandemic and additional holiday pay for their hours during peak Q4 season.  


Now, it’s February. You’re officially in Target’s first quarter of fiscal 2022. It’s also Black History Month, and at Target, we’re known for celebrating in a pretty big way. 


Your boss, the District Stores Director (DSD – District Manager), emailed you letting you know that it is time for Bounce Back. You will host a visit with the Group Vice President (GVP) and the Human Resource Director (HRD) in 2 weeks. The GVP is responsible for leading the teams in 6-8 Districts, totaling 60-80 stores, and 6,000-8,000 team members. The GVP’s scope of leadership is typically across 2-3 states. The HRD is responsible for leading all People and Community for the same districts as the GVP.  To help you prepare for this visit, your DSD has asked you to create a 30-minute PowerPoint presentation to share the top six (6) bounce back focuses of your store for Q1 2022 and to incorporate Target's new culture framework of Care, Grow, and Win Together throughout your presentation.   


Using the information in your case materials (to be emailed once registration closes), create a PowerPoint presentation to present to your boss, the District Stores Director, that includes the following: 

1.       Current store wins. 

2.       Top six (6) Bounce Back Focuses of your store incorporating the new Care, Grow, and Win Together culture framework. 

3.       Black History Month plans – Because it’s February, your DSD wants to also see how your store plans to celebrate Black History Month (e.g., through Community Service, Black-Owned product assortment display, or by supporting a Black-Owned Business in your store’s community). 

Legal Disclaimer

By submitting your entry you are confirming that you have read and agree to the contest RULES. 

Participation in the HBCU Future Leaders in Retail Challenge is entirely voluntary and does not create an employment relationship with Target. Individuals who do choose to participate will not be compensated for the time spent on their submission or for their submitted artwork. 

By participating in this Contest, Participants are confirming that you understand that submitted concepts may or may not be part of Target’s previous, current or future business endeavors. By uploading a submission you agree to give Target a royalty free, irrevocable, perpetual, non-exclusive, license for incidental use of your submission in any form, media or technology now known or later developed, only for historical, promotional or marketing purposes. 

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